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09 Oct

Job Offer et al.

Posted by Michael Fuchs
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More than two months since the last post. However, it wasn't like nothing happened over the summer. The book Critical Reflections on Audience and Narrativity, to which I contributed a chapter on genre mixing in Supernatural, came out in early September. The first 2014 issue of Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik, which includes my article on Uncle Sam and American exceptionalism, was slated to come out in late August, but is still pending publication (but should be out any day), and the summer was filled with working on grant proposals, researching, thinking, and writing. And just the day before yesterday, I was offered a visiting lecturer post at the University of Siegen, where I'll be starting in December. So, I really need to get some of my work-in-progress finished in the next couple of weeks before (starting to think about) moving to Germany.

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