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-05- Animals on American Television (with Stefan L. Brandt). Special Issue of the European Journal of American Studies vol. 13, no. 1.

-04- Space Oddities: Difference and Identity in the American City (with Stefan L. Brandt). American Studies in Austria Vol. 16. Vienna: LIT Verlag.


-03- ConFiguring America: Iconic Figures, Visuality, and the American Identity (with Klaus Rieser and Michael Phillips). Bristol: Intellect Books.
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"The wide array of examples discussed in ConFiguring America helps readers understand [...] a highly intricate theoretical examination of American iconic figures. The book's theoretical introduction would be difficult to understand for most undergraduate readers. The remaining chapters, however, are written in an accessible language, contain images, and address the theoretical frameworks which are postulated in the Introduction. This volume would be a useful companion for upper-level undergraduate courses in cultural studies, American studies, and American history." (Yuya Kiuchi, Journal of American Culture vol. 38, no. 2)

-02- Placing America: American Culture and Its Spaces (with Maria-Theresia Holub). American Studies Vol. 3. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag.
"Fuchs and Holub's volume impressively covers a wide range of topics; from theoretical musings about the academic field of American Studies to reflections on the U.S.-Canadian border and relationship, representations of American spaces in movies and novels, dystopian comics, and even to science. The ongoing discussion of spaces and spatiality as well as of the opposition of space and place are certainly enriched by this volume, which offers new insight into a complex topic and features innovative, substantial, and inspiring essays." (Katharina Christ, Amerikastudien/American Studies vol. 60, no. 1)
also reviewed in Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik vol. 38, no. 2 (2013), pp. 238-240


-01- Landscapes of Postmodernity: Concepts and Paradigms of Critical Theory (with Petra Eckhard and Walter W. Hölbling). American Studies in Austria Vol. 10. Vienna: LIT Verlag.

Journal Articles


-09- "All Teeth and Claws: Constructing Bears as Man-Eating Monsters in Television Documentaries," European Journal of American Studies vol. 13, no. 1.

-08- "Animals on American Television: Introduction to the Special Issue." European Journal of American Studies vol. 13, no. 1. *not peer-reviewed*


-07- "Mark of the Auteur: Mark of the Devil's Blu-Ray Release and the Cult of Authorship," Cine-Excess E-Journal no. 3.


-06- "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth? Digital Animals, Simulation, and the Return of 'Real Nature' in the Jurassic Park Movies," On_Culture: The Open Journal for the Study of Culture no. 2.


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-01- "Hauntings: Uncanny Doubling in Alan Wake and Supernatural," Textus: English Studies in Italy vol. 25, no. 3, pp. 63-74.

Book Chapters


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-16- "'I know everything that's going to happen': Supernatural's Self-Reflexive Compulsion to Repeat (with a Difference)," in The Gothic Tradition in Supernatural: Essays on the Television Series, ed. Melissa Edmundson (Jefferson, NC: McFarland), pp. 63-74.

-15- "Part of Our Cultural History: Fan-Creator Relationships, Restoration, and Appropriation" (with Michael Phillips), in A Galaxy Here and Now: Historical and Cultural Readings of Star Wars, ed. Peter W. Lee (Jefferson, NC: McFarland), pp. 208-237.


-14- "Woody Allen and the Absurdity of Human Existence: Origin, Legacy, and Human Agency in God and Mighty Aphrodite," in Referentiality and the Films of Woody Allen, ed. Klara Stephanie Szlezák & Dianah E. Wynter (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan), pp. 100-117.

-13- "'They are a fact of life out here': The Ecocritical Subtexts of Three Early-Twenty-First-Century Aussie Animal Horror Movies," in Animal Horror Cinema: Genre, History and Criticism, ed. Katarina Gregersdotter, Nicklas Hållén, and Johan Höglund (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan), pp. 37-57.
In her review of Animal Horror Cinema in the Animal Studies Journal, Kirsty Dunn notes that my contribution provides "food for thought" and is "helpful [...] to bear in mind during the reading of the other analyses in the collection" (229).


-12- "'Three hundred channels and nothing's on': Metaleptic Genre-Mixing in Supernatural," in Critical Reflections on Audience and Narrativity: New Connections, New Perspectives, ed. Bianca Mitu, Silvia Branea, and Valentina Marinescu. Hanover: ibidem-Verlag, pp. 35-48.


-11- (with Michael Phillips) "LeBron James and the Web of Discourse: Iconic Sports Figures and Semantic Struggles," in ConFiguring America: Iconic Figures, Visuality, and the American Identity, ed. Michael Fuchs, Michael Phillips, and Klaus Rieser. Bristol: Intellect Books, pp. 65-92.

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a reviewer on goodreads notes, "I really want to play Alan Wake now" (my essay being the only one on said game)

-09- "The Black Hole at the Heart of America? Family, Spatiality, and the Black Hallway in House of Leaves," in Placing America: American Culture and Its Spaces, ed. Michael Fuchs & Maria-Theresia Holub. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag, pp. 103-125.


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